Project / K FOOD+

Client / Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea 

Category / Trophy

Scope / Design


In response to the popularity of Korean food, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, a government agency in Korea,

named agricultural machinery, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, animal medicine, pet food, and smart farms together as K FOOD+, and produced and awarded dedicated trophies to export officials.
This K FOOD+ trophy design was intended to show a concept that focused on symbolism and growth as content instead of keywords such as “scale” and “first” used in the existing industry. 

In particular, we wanted to convey the potential of K FOOD+ through various messages.

contents :
The ridge symbolizing Korean agricultural products and the cross section of the wave symbolizing exports surround the trophy and connect the whole, expressing the potential of dynamic K FOOD.

The organic shape at the top of the trophy represents the new wave of K FOOD+, and creates a larger wave shape when multiple pieces are placed.

The overall shape looks different depending on the viewing angle, and the middle part has a shape that is easy to hold by hand.

borderless, clear and wit

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